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The installation of automated garage doors is one of the most interesting and challenging task for do it yourself performers because here they need to add extra safety on controls and customization variables. If the installation process is wrong then soon your door unit will start producing noise and it will not be able to move on right track. One of the major equipment connected to a garage door unit is its opener as it uses to control all movement related tasks. Garage Door Repair Plymouth reveals that there are generally four different types of garage door openers and each one of them has different applications. One cannot rate any of these to be the best or worst because their selection depends upon so many factors. If we talk about the issues related to repair of garage door openers then the details available below in this article will be highly useful.
Screw Drive type Openers:
The very first option in the list is screw drive openers that are simple to operate and are preferred because of their fewer moving parts. These openers are more sensitive towards temperature variations so they are not preferred for the regions that suffer drastic shift in temperature with seasonal variations. If we talk about cost factor then these openers tend to be more costly than simple chain drive and belt drive openers.
Chain Drive Openers:
They are classic units and follow one of the oldest styles of door opening mechanism. Although they make more noise during operation but still they are preferred for detached garage door units. Due to high performance rating, the chain drive openers are considered as one of the best option for economical reasons. The latest technologies are now able to reduce their noise production.
Belt Drive Openers:
Belt drives are well known for their luxurious designs and low noise performance. The mechanism of construction is almost same as that of chain drive openers but instead of chains they make use of belts resulting in much quieter operations. Their price range is higher than chain drive openers.
Jackshaft Openers:
This class of openers is mostly used for large wall type garage door units where it is not possible to reach at the roof for installation. These openers are installed on side walls and provide quality service for large unit movements. They are rarely used in residential units.
All these types of openers are preferred by manufacturers at Plymouth Garage Door Repair area. If you are about to install a new garage door unit then make sure that you have taken suggestions from experts in this field to make decision about which door opener will suit best to your construction. Selection of right door unit makes huge difference in performance. As per garage door service providers, the repair operations of openers must be always handled by professionals. If you find your garage door unit making unwanted noise or it is not responding to user commands then it is good to call experts from Garage Door Repair Plymouth.

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